Explore the Health Professions Programs offering undergraduate degrees and certificates in core areas of health professions at IU School of Medicine.

Health Professions Programs

Training critical personnel for delivery of laboratory and patient care.

IU School of Medicine offers undergraduate degrees and certificates in core areas of health professions, and undergraduate and graduate coursework. The Health Professions Programs at the Indianapolis campus cover 10 areas of focus and are designed to train and prepare critical personnel for delivery of wellness and medical care. Each program is administered by faculty within the related clinical department of IU School of Medicine.

Curriculum for each of these medical educational programs integrates research, teaching and service to reflect the real-world of care delivery and prepare graduates for successful careers in the health care system. The IU School of Medicine Health Professions Programs are accredited as part of Indiana University through the Higher Learning Commissions as a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition, the programs are individually accredited by appropriate governing agencies within the discipline. Find more information on the individual program pages.


Find details on the IU School of Medicine Health Professions Programs — from bachelor and associate degree programs to courses and certificates in a specialty area.

Undergraduate Health Professions Degrees

The Health Professions Program offers both Bachelor of Science and Associate of Science degree programs as well as a certificate program and Basic EMT course. Undergraduate students at Indiana University interested in pursuing a career as a health care professional are encouraged to apply. Tuition for the Health Professions Programs is based on the IU Indianapolis banded-tuition (flat-rate) program.


Honor Code

Embarking on a career in the life sciences and health care professions means accepting the responsibilities and unique privileges of these professions. All IU School of Medicine students are expected to uphold this and other tenants stated in the IU School of Medicine Honor Code—throughout their time at the school and beyond. Honoring this code of honor sets the stage for students to become excellent practitioners in their field of study.

IU School of Medicine Honor Code

Technical Standards for Admission and Retention

IU School of Medicine’s Health Professions Programs have Technical Standards for Admission and Retention of Students for both the laboratory science programs and patient care programs. Students are expected to uphold these requirements throughout enrollment in the program. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the program director immediately of any potential changes.

Program Standards


When visiting the offices of the undergraduate Health Professions Programs offices, refer to the IU Indianapolis Parking Map and use either the Riley Outpatient Parking Garage (XE) or the Vermont Street Parking Garage (XB).

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