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Successful biomedical research demands collaboration among scientists with varying specialties. Faculty throughout IU School of Medicine's 25 academic departments work together to advance knowledge and treatment for patients in the world's most critical areas of medicine.
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23695-Adams, Zachary
Adams Lab
In the research laboratory led by Zachary Adams, PhD, (Indianapolis) investigators are focused on improving access to high-quality clinical services for children, teens and families impacted by mental health problems and substance use—through research, clinical care and education.

Principal Investigator Zachary W. Adams, PhD


5035-Allen, Matthew
Allen Lab
The Allen Laboratory (Indianapolis) is studying the tissue-level mechanisms responsible for musculoskeletal integrity in health and disease by utilizing numerous in vivo model systems that help investigators understand how disease and pharmaceutical intervention influence bone structure, cellular activity, tissue-level properties, and biomechanical properties.

Principal Investigator Matthew R. Allen, PhD

Phone (317) 274-1283

22606-Alves, Nathan
Alves Lab
Research in the Alves Lab (Indianapolis) focuses on the interdisciplinary development of translational technologies, treatments and techniques that can be used to have a positive impact on people’s lives. A chemical and bimolecular engineer, Nathan Alves, PhD, encourages researchers to apply engineering principles and designs to create translational technologies for clinical implementation.

Principal Investigator Nathan J. Alves, PhD

Phone (317) 278-3828

44779-Angus, Steve
Angus Lab
The laboratory of Steve Angus, PhD, is interested in understanding the changes in the protein kinase signaling network during tumor development and progression and in response to targeted therapeutics. (Indianapolis) 

Principal Investigator Steve Angus, PhD

Phone (317) 274-8911

62491-Apetoh, Lionel
Apetoh Lab
The Apetoh lab (Indianapolis) investigates the relationships between T lymphocytes and anticancer immune responses. We are searching for novel molecular targets that can be exploited to endow T cells with superior anticancer activity.

Principal Investigator Lionel Apetoh, PhD

Phone (317) 278-9518

6815-Apostolova, Liana
Apostolova Lab
Dr. Apostolova’s research focuses on the early symptomatic and presymptomatic stages of Alzheimer’s disease and on the development and validation of sensitive imaging and genetic biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementing disorders. (Indianapolis)

Principal Investigator Liana G. Apostolova, MD, MS


60990-Aronoff, David
Aronoff Lab

The Aronoff Lab (Indianapolis) studies host-microbial interactions with an emphasis on bacterial infections and innate immunity. Our microbiology and immunology research centers primarily on the female reproductive tract, specifically at the maternal-fetal interface during pregnancy.

Principal Investigator David M. Aronoff, MD

Phone (317) 274-8438

21736-Arrizabalaga, Gustavo
Arrizabalaga Lab
Current projects in the Arrizabalaga Lab (Indianapolis) involve the characterization of kinases, phosphatases and other signaling proteins involved in the process by which the parasite exits its host cell and the characterization of autophagy-related proteins in mitochondrial dynamics and parasite death.

Principal Investigator Gustavo A. Arrizabalaga, PhD

Phone (317) 278-6355

18765-Atwood, Brady
Atwood Lab
The Atwood Laboratory (Indianapolis) team is interested in how drugs of abuse, diet, stress and pain influence the behaviors of humans. The focus of the lab’s work is on the molecular mechanisms and brain circuits that are specifically impacted by these substances and experiences.

Principal Investigator Brady K. Atwood, PhD

Phone (317) 274-8917

5054-Basile, David
Basile Lab
The laboratory of David Basile, PhD, (Indianapolis) seeks to better understand the pathophysiology of kidney disease with a focus on alterations vascular function, remodeling and immune cell activity.

Principal Investigator David P. Basile, PhD

Phone (317) 278-1565